Halo Stunting Protocol

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Halo Stunting Protocol

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Halo Stunting Protocol

This topic includes branch-specific rules, guidelines, and procedures. This topic is not just for members of the Halo: Combat Evolved glitching branch of iG`. Rather, these rules, guidelines, and procedures are those which have been in existence since the dawn of halo stunting. Thus, these directions are of paramount importance to all halo stunters.

Section A: Rules & Guidelines
A.1: In almost all circumstances you are expected to switch to the team the host is on. This is sometimes overlooked for old and experienced players who the host knows well enough to trust on the other team. The team the host is on is almost always Red - since that is the team they start on by default.
A.2: Don’t kill or attempt to kill other players in the server. This can be considered extremely rude, and may result in your being kicked or banned. Occasionally this rule is superseded with players who know each other well enough to be forgiving of being killed once or twice. It can also be superseded when players are not doing any stunts and have not been doing stunts and are not bothered by being killed once or twice.
A.3: Don’t ruin another player's stunts. The only time you can ruin another player's stunt is if they give you permission or in a rare circumstance where the stunt is in your way or in your space and you have no choice other than to destroy it.
A.4: Remain aware of other people's space. Share the server but give everyone the space they want or need.
A.5: Don’t take a vehicle while someone else is using it. This can be considered extremely rude, and may result in your being kicked or banned. It is best to always double check if the vehicle is being used if it is within a player's space or has been moved by them recently.
A.6: Be polite and kind to your fellow stunters. Treat them as you wish to be treated.
A.7: Don't be over-confident or arrogant, this can make people feel disdain towards you.
A.8: Don't whine, type messages nonstop, or be annoying in any other way. This can make people dislike you.
A.9: Respect the host and people with rcon, unless you wish to be kicked for mouthing off. Remember, people may have rcon without you knowing, so generally it's best to be on your best behavior at all times.
A.10: Don't lie about the stunts that you have done. People will find out, and it will really hurt your reputation. Furthermore, you may never learn certain stunts if you lie about having done them.
A.11: Do not jump to conclusions regarding player's skill level without adequate information. It can be quite regretful to denounce someone who is in fact much better than you, and could have taught you many amazing stunts.
A.12: Do not claim a stunt is "new" until you have consulted the oldest and most experienced stunters you know of and had them confirm that it is. Furthermore, remain aware that it could be old even if they think it is new, since not everything that has been accomplished in the world of Halo Stunting has been cataloged, and no one person knows of everything that has been done.
A.13: Be careful with explosives and with your action button, especially around delicate stunts. It can be very easy to accidentally ruin a stunt. Oftentimes you can accidentally launch a grenade into a balance or flip a tank balance over while trying to get inside of a hog so always be careful and double check what you are doing to avoid such accidents. See the procedures section in this topic for specifics.
A.14: Do your best to leave some sort of legacy after you stop stunting, so what you have done is not completely lost and has not been for naught.
A.15: Try to bring people to stunting and teach them basic stunts as well as stunting etiquette. Halo is not a very popular game, and stunting isn't that well known, so every new stunter counts.
A.16: Try to teach the advanced and unfamiliar stunts that you have learned to the stunting population. These stunts are the ones that are lost over the years the easiest, and these stunts tend to be the ones that keep people interested in stunting.
A.17: Respect your elders. Treat older more experienced stunters as nicely as you can. They may be old and grumpy but they have probably contributed more to stunting than you know, so they deserve your respect. Furthermore, if you're nice to them they may teach you some stunts you don't know!
A.18: Try to be aware of other players' personal preferences regarding stunting so you don't accidentally annoy or disturb them.
A.19: Try not to be too serious. We stunt for fun, let's keep it that way.
A.20: Respect other people's opinions and ideas. Try to avoid confrontations regarding differences in opinion and don't dismiss ideas without some explanation.
A.21: When teaching stunts to another player it is polite to ask them what they want to learn before suggesting something.
A.22: Take advantage of the resources available to you. Look for stunting videos, articles, and screenshots to learn more stunts. If you know of players who are willing to teach you stunts make use of their offer by finding out about some stunts and then asking to be taught them.
A.23: Always thank players who take time to teach you stunts and give them credit where credit is due. What they do is not required, and is kind and sometimes even sacrificial. They deserve all the thanks and credit you can give them. Furthermore, there is nothing that is as frustrating as an ungrateful student.
A.24: Try to be as nice as possible when telling someone a stunt is old, as to not offend them.

Section B: Procedures
B.1: Inexperienced stunters are generally expected to just watch the experienced stunters for the first week or month that they are around. This is a test of patience, and can be difficult for some people. However, this may make people like you. The ability to simply sit down, be quiet, and watch is highly valued in the community.
B.2: You should always think and rethink everything you do while stunting to prevent errors and accidents. Check and recheck everything before you perform an action. For instance, if you are trying to get inside of a warthog that is by a tank balance, check to make sure you have the message "press E to enter Warthog" before you press E, to avoid accidentally flipping the tank over.
B.3: The first step in stunting is to learn the basics and the general understanding of how things work. So, for the first few months when you are stunting try to keep track of break points, balance points, and basic methods as best as you can.
B.4: When teaching stunts to another player try to use specific detail and visual aids. Some people learn better in different ways, so try to accommodate your student's learning style.

Section C: Mods & Third Party Programs
C.1: Mods are almost never used with stunting because they tend to completely destroy the point of stunting by making the stunts extremely easy to accomplish. Mods are only used when a player wishes to gain extra footage of a stunt that they have already accomplished - but takes a long time to recreate or to teleport into ledges that require difficult telebumps to practice the ledge. However, it is best to avoid using mods altogether.
C.2: Cloner is commonly used for stacking to reach ledges. Generally, Cloner is accepted, since it is no different than having an actual player stacking. However, it is always best to avoid using third party programs. Most stunters will not recognize a ledge as being completed until it has been done without Cloner. To sum it up, Cloner is usually used to get extra footage or to practice complicated ledges - it should not be used in videos of new stunts.
C.3: Third person is commonly used in ledges to clear your view. It is one of the most used third party programs, but some players still do not condone its use. Certain stunts can be extremely difficult without the use of it or another similar third party program which allows the player to clear their view or to have a different view of themselves. You may use it when necessary, but always consider and attempt to do stunts without it.
C.4: Flycam is commonly used to get screenshots of stunts or to get awesome video footage of awesome stunts or collections. It is accepted for all photographic and cinematic uses. However, when it is used in ways that third person is usually used it is looked upon exactly the same as third person is.
C.5: Sightjacker is commonly used to give players specific directions, usually when ledging or lining up an E.P., or as third person is usually used. It is accepted for the former use, since it usually does not interfere with stunting in that usage. However, the latter usage is looked upon exactly the same as third person is.
C.6: Devtrainer is almost never used in stunting, and is looking upon with disdain by most stunters. It completely ruins the point of stunting by making almost everything easy to accomplish. The only time stunters have used devtrainer would be to measure the height of the ceiling of a map. It is recommended that, if you want other stunters to respect you, you avoid Devtrainer like the plague.
C.7: Devmode is almost never used in stunting. It provides the same cheats that Devtrainer provides along with a few others, like the ability spawn vehicles and to teleport the player and whatever vehicle they are in. Devmode is occasionally used to test a long complicated stunt, to avoid the player wasting many hours of their time doing it normally or to practice certain stunts, like ledges. However, it is recommended that, if you want other stunters to respect you, you avoid Devmode as you avoid Devtrainer.
C.8: NoText is a completely harmless third party program. It is usually used with flycam to avoid text being included in screenshots. No one will dislike you for using it.
C.9: Using mods, hacks, or devmode to do stunts can damage your reputation. They can be used for experimentation but should not be used too often, as that can make certain players discount you as a stunter or the stunts that you have done.

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