Joining the Halo Stunting Branch

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Joining the Halo Stunting Branch

Post  Mator on Fri Sep 10, 2010 3:39 pm

Joining the Halo Stunting Branch

Basic Requirements
Before you can join the Halo Stunting Branch you must meet some basic requirements:
• You must be a member of the Immortal Generation.
• You must be a member of the Immortal Glitching Division.
• You must have Halo (PC) installed and ready to run.
• You must have time to dedicate to stunting. You should have at least three hours available every week for stunting. Note: It is preferrable to have more time available than the minimum requirement.
• You must agree to follow Halo Stunting Protocol to the best of your ability.

If you meet the basic requirements you may proceed to join the branch. Before you proceed to join the branch you should decide whether you want to join the branch as a glitcher or as a student. Once you have done that, you may proceed to express your interest in the branch to Mator, the current Branch Leader. You can do this by sending him a personal message. You should do the following things in your message:
• State that you have read the basic requirements and that you meet them.
• Announce how you want to join the branch: as a student, or as a glitcher.
• Reaffirm that you have time available to dedicate to halo stunting.
• Provide an example of your experience. (If you are applying as a glitcher)

The Branch Leader will then review your status and decide whether or not to admit you into the branch.

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