Ghost back (phantom) balance idea (4 shade block)

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Ghost back (phantom) balance idea (4 shade block)

Post  Arctic Fox on Thu Jan 13, 2011 8:28 pm

Requirements: 5 players, map with 4 shades, flat ground

Pick a flat area and arrange 4 shades in a square. Make sure people are in them while pushing the shades to their location since respawn will need to be on. Have all players exit shades at exact time (use disappearing g0) a few minutes prior to placing the ghost. Flip the ghost into the center of the square such that it lands on its tail. If the shades cause the velocity of the ghost to reach zero, then in theory, when the shades vanish because of respawn, the ghost will remain in its current position until it respawns.

Possible Problems:
Shades may not respawn in time due to nudges from ghost.
Ghost may not stay upright due to sliding on shades.
How are we going to get four people to sit still while one person shoves shades around?
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Post  Mator on Sat Jan 15, 2011 12:55 am

Interesting idea thar:
I don't think the ghost pushing the shades is going to be an issue, because those things are so heavy that the Ghost won't really move them. And you want to rely on the ghost phantom balancing before the shades get even close to respawning. In fact, there's no reason why you couldn't leave the players in the shades (except that the Ghost will respawn first if you do that...)

Other thoughts:
I think one of your largest problems will be getting the Shades setup in such a way as to leave a space in between them that's really small, and then get the Ghost inside of that space. You might also find problems with the Ghost trying to fall over, and resting at a state that is partially lopsided, but one cannot know for sure. I'll test this in CE for you to tell you what the result is.

This is by far your best idea yet for a Ghost Back Balance, and the most feasible. I'll try to test this as soon as I can and give you results. :]


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