The Branch System

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The Branch System

Post  Mator on Tue Sep 07, 2010 5:19 am

The Branch System

The Immortal Glitching Division is split into branches that have specialties or perform certain functions. These branches are like teams within the Immortal Glitching Division, you are required to apply to them separately from the clan, and they have their own rules. Furthermore, you are required to be in the Immortal Glitching Division in order to join one of these branches. The current Immortal Glitching branches are:
Halo Stunting Branch

Joining a Branch
To join a branch you must first express your interest in the branch to the branch leader/s. They will then decide whether or not they want to accept you into the branch. They will also determine your position within the branch, be it student, glitcher, or leader.

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