Immortal Glitching General

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Immortal Glitching General

Post  Mator on Tue Sep 07, 2010 4:54 am

Immortal Glitching General

The Immortal Glitching General is for all posts regarding the Immortal Glitching Division that do not pertain to a specific branch within the division. That includes, but is not limited to: branch requests, applications to join the division, and questions/comments regarding the division.

Posting Here
When posting here, in the Immortal Glitching General, try to follow the following guidelines:

1. Avoid posting anything regarding a branch within the division unless what you are posting involves the division as well.
2. Avoid posting material which may be offensive to a visitor. See the General Rules for more details.
3. Use your common sense. Don't post something here if it doesn't belong here. Think before you post!

Branch Requests
To request a branch you must have:

1. Extensive experience in the field the branch will be specializing in.
2. At least three members of the Immortal Glitching division who are interested in starting the branch and devoting time to it, at least one of which is an Immortal Guardian.
3. A purpose for the branch.
4. The time and ability to run the branch for at least four months after you start it.

If you need more members who are interested in starting the branch you may post a thread to get other members of the Immortal Glitching Division interested. Once you have met all of the specifications for requesting a branch you may post a thread requesting the branch to be created.

Your request will be processed by the Immortal Glitching Division leaders and other members of the Immortal Generation Administrative Team, it may take 2-4 weeks for your request to be processed.

Joining the Division
If you are interested in joining the Immortal Glitching Division the first thing you should do is familiarize yourself with the division so you can make sure that you are truly interested in joining the division.

The second thing you should do is decide whether you want to join the division as a glitcher, or as a student. The differences between the two positions are reviewed later on in this thread.

The third thing you should do is post an application to join the division in this forum. If you are applying as a glitcher you should include on your application multiple examples of your experience with glitching, preferably videos. If you are applying as a student you do not need to provide any examples of experience. However, you should communicate on your application why you want to become a part of the Immortal Glitching Division if you're applying as a glitcher or as a student. What other information you include with your application is completely up to you. Make sure you post an application that you feel accurately represents your experience and intent.

Your application will then be reviewed by the Immortal Glitching Division leaders. If you are applying as a glitcher and the leaders are unfamiliar with your experience a tryout may be organized to evaluate your expertise. If a tryout is not needed your application will either be either accepted or denied within a few days of you posting it.

Glitcher vs. Student Comparison
As a student you are given the responsibility to learn about glitching. You are usually assigned a mentor, who is meant to guide you and teach you about glitching. You are expected to remain active and diligent in your studies. When and if you learn enough you will be promoted to glitcher.

As a glitcher you are given the responsibility to teach glitching. You may be assigned a student to guide and teach about glitching. You may also be assigned certain projects or leadership positions. You are also expected to remain active and diligent. Furthermore, though you are no longer considered a student, you are still expected to continue learning about glitching. You can either study independently with occasional assistance from more senior glitchers or you can setup a program to study with a senior glitcher regularly.

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