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The Application

Post  Mator on Tue Aug 31, 2010 2:44 pm

The Application

To apply for The Immortal Generation you simply need to post a thread in this forum stating that you wish to apply for the clan and have read the Rules & Guidelines. What other information you include with your application is completely up to you. Make sure you post an application that you feel accurately represents who you are.

Example Fields & Questions
These are some example fields that you can specify on your application, and some example questions that you can answer on it as well. Note, all of these are optional, you don't need to put any of this stuff on your application. If iG` clan members already know you fairly well it may be unnecessary for you to post this information.

General Information:
First Name: [Your first name, or what people call you.]
Gaming Alias: [The name you use when you play games, like Mator.]
Date of Birth: [Year is the most important, obviously.]
E-Mail: [Your internet postage address.]
Country: [What country you live in.]
Gender: [Your Gender.]

What games do you play? [What games you play actively.]
What do you do in games? [IE: Stunt, Glitch, Pub, Compete, Make Tutorials, Mod, etc.]
How long have you been gaming? [How long have you been actively playing video games, in years.]
How often do you play video games? [IE: How many times a week and for how long.]

The Immortal Generation:
How did you find The Immortal Generation? [IE: Google search, friend reference (who?), youtube, etc.]
Why do you want to be a part of The Immortal Generation? [IE: For fun, for friends, to stunt, etc.]
Which divisions/branches of The Immortal Generation are you interested in, if any? [IE: Halo Stunting, Immortal Glitching, Immortal Gaming, etc.]

Clan Experience:
Are you currently in any other clans? What is your current position in each of these clans? [Clans & Experience]
How many clans have you been in? [A specific number is preferable.]
Has your experience in other clans been good or bad? [You don't need a specific example.]

For more information regarding the application process see Joining the Clan.

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