The Introduce Yourself Section

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The Introduce Yourself Section

Post  Mator on Tue Aug 31, 2010 4:46 am

The Introduce Yourself Section

The Introduce Yourself Section is for all posts pertaining to new forum members.

Posting Here
You may acknowledge people who introduce themselves here, but try to add something of worth in the posts that you make. If you want to spam, please go to the Spam Section. Also, try to be kind and welcoming to those who post here. Please don't condescend and don't rage at new forum members.

For those of you who wish to Introduce yourself here: try to keep your introduction fairly short, we don't need an autobiography. But don't make it too short. Include all relevant/pertinent information and whatever else you feel like posting.

Remember, posts that are less than two sentences long are considered spam. So please, post something substantial and don't spam this forum.

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